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Tales of Horsing Around on the Trail to Success

This memoir is about two women and the improbable stories that happened behind the scenes while creating Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center


About the author

Edith B. Wislocki

This book is a memoir about a woman who loved to work but was unhappy with her work life. When she was forty-five in 1989 she up and changed everything to spend the rest of her life doing what she wanted to do - being outside with dogs and horses while pursuing a meaningful and rewarding career.

She and a neighborhood friend joined together and created a nonprofit: Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. in Rehoboth, MA. This book takes a look at all the improbable stories that took place behind the scenes of this remarkable organization. It is a funny, whimsical, poignant and an informative read involving horses, dogs, and other animals as they relate to quirky kids with odd abilities and disabilities.

This is her first and only book which she wrote at the age of seventy seven. She wrote the entire book on her IPhone while sitting outside at her farm where she, her golden retrievers and Greenlock reside.


“This book had me smiling, laughing out loud and crying tears of joy. It was lovely to read Edith’s beautiful story. I think this is a fabulous book for any reader, not just horse lovers. I hope to visit Greenlock one day!"


"As an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, I am always eager to find a new and unique voice. Having brought her dream to fruition with Greenlock, Ms. Wislocki has now established herself as a witty and moving storyteller, who will no doubt continue to impress with her future works."


“I loved the book! The author did a great job taking us on her journey and the testimonies of the clients showed how amazing the horses and the kids are.”

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