Therapy Services (PT/OT/SLP)

Greenlock provides therapy that is especially helpful to children transitioning from wheelchairs to walkers or from crutches to walking unaided. The program can be an early intervention treatment strategy for children as young as two years old.


“Hippo” comes from the Greek term for horse, and therapy means treatment, so Hippotherapy means “treatment with the help of a horse.” Hippotherapy is a practice in which physical, speech and occupational therapists employ the horse’s movement as a treatment strategy to improve neuromuscular function, language and fine motor skills.

Hippotherapy relies on the sensorimotor input provided by the horse’s rhythmic and repetitive gaits to prompt a neuromuscular response in the rider – a response that mimics the movement a child’s body would ordinarily make while walking.

Therapeutic Riding


Therapeutic riding uses the magnetic bond between people and horses to teach such skills as listening, balance, gross and fine motor control, as well as a variety of other skills that help people promote independence and self-confidence.

Therapeutic riding serves people of all ages with all types of disabilities, including learning, development, emotional and physical issues, as well as conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, spine and head injury, stroke, arthritis blindness and deafness. Our Therapeutic Riding Program is for graduates of our Hippotherapy Program. 



$ 60 - Initial Assessment | periodic re-evaluation
$ 40 - Individual session with therapist/instructor
$ 30 - Group session with therapist/instructor 
for application forms and more information, see the "Participate" section


fees effective January 1, 2018


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